Obama and His Billionaire Supporters

It seems odd to me that Obama’s class warfare stimulus package has attracted support from people like Warren Buffet and Mark Cuban. For years Buffet has had his past due tax bill held up in court under a dispute claim. If that is the case then why, does he think you and I have to pitch in more to Tax Cheat Timmy’s well run Treasury? Those Billionaires can easily get out their little pens and write a check made out to the U.S.Treasury, for some reason unknown to me they will not do it. Don’t get the wrong impression of me, I do not dislike people of wealth. Those folks earned it and probably work very hard to acquire the wealth that they possess. Even if they inherited it, someone worked for it, and no one should force them to hand it over to any government. Well, Obama and the big wealth distributing congress are different, after all Biden Is the new sheriff in town, he will make damn sure your hard-earned money is well accounted for. So, let’s all ante up to put a big smile on economic treasonist Obama’s face.

quote of the day
“The Government cannot solve problems, they subsidize them.”

Ronald Reagan


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