Unjust, Justice the Mini-Series

Part I:

The other day I was invited to a
luncheon in honor of some local, college scholarship recipients. It was suppose
to be a proud day for me and a fun time meeting other scholars that studied
hard to obtain a goal. My mood was soon changed when I started reading name
tags that displayed the foundation that granted their scholarships. Much to my
surprise only a few of us were their because of our acquired knowledge. Yes, I
am tooting my own horn a tad, but anyway. I was at this luncheon when the M.C.
started going around with the mic to here the recipient’s stories. A good
majority of the recipients got knocked-up with no daddy, awe, is that my fault?
When I mis-behaved as a young person, it
was either a good old fashion ass beating, or a, you’re on your own sucker! The
real kicker of this whole mess was when they came up to this Hispanic girl, she
said, “I was caught crossing the border and deported 5 times before I made it
in.”  Then she went on to tell us she was
19 with a five year old son. The crowd ood and awed like she was some kind of
saint that found a cure for cancer or something. The last I looked, illegal
entry was I misdemeanor, not an application for a free ride to a college. Even
I, was slightly moved by the story, but for Gods sake what the hell is she
doing crossing the border at 11 years old and getting knocked-up at 14 in a
foreign Country. If I was to steal a loaf of bread because I was starving would
I be rewarded? Hell no, I would be stocking shelves at a discount store with an
ankle bracelet on.

Stay tuned in for Part II of
the “Unjust, Justice the Mini-Series.”

Quote of the day:

“That just ain’t right!”



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