Ford should have said “yes we can”







When the boss of General Motors told Ford to pull their brilliant ad yesterday, Ford should have said to boss Obama, “yes we can.” Never in my 50 years have I seen a sitting president, or his cronies dictate to an american company on how they can advertise.  Back in April GM and the Obama administration tried to sell us this line of crap that GM had repaid $6.7 billion in government loans. What he failed to mention, was the fact that the money to repay this loan had come from a working capital fund provided by the federal government’s TARP program. That is like me taking  a cash advancement for a 100 dollars from my boss, only using 75 dollars, returning 25 and say were even. My days at that company would be numbered. I have always been a General Motors man but since the UAW bailout, my choice in the future will be Ford. Thank You Obama!!!


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