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Well, well now, we are seeing the transparency of this administration once again. The Whitehouse is refusing to hand over text and other information relating to Solyndra. What’s the big frigging deal? Obama claims he has nothing to hide and his green investments are for the good of the country and will put millions of people to work. I don’t see the jobs, or anything good for the country for that matter. I guess pillaging the taxpayers out of 1/2 a billion dollars might seem like a good deal to Obama since it is obvious he could give a crap about you or I. I’ll tell you what, when Nixon erased 18 minutes of tape recordings the press went into a frenzy, it was the end of a Presidency. Some people say that a Blackberry is different, I don’t think so, the tape recorder was cutting edge back in the sixties so what the hell is the difference? The difference is that this President is so damn arrogant he thinks that he can do what ever the hell he wants and get away with it, and for the most part he has. It is now time for the chickens to come home to roost, that’s my little Jeremiah Wright thing going on there. This pathetic little President will pay for the destruction he’s causing and it won’t come soon enough. 

Quote of the day:

Character is higher than intellect. A great soul will be strong to live as well as think.
Ralph Waldo Emerson


Go Green, Get Rich


This whole global warming and green job initiative crap is nothing more than a money laundering scheme on the backs of the taxpayers. Yes, the earths temperature may have risen a few celsius degrees the last 200 years, but that’s nature. At one time the earth was nothing more than a 4,000 degree ball of fire. Then, the whole earth was covered in water. Golly Miss Molly, we forgot about the “ice age,” too. Mother nature with its ecliptic orbit around the sun, volcanoes, crashing meteors, ocean currents and God knows what else that’s going on, changes the planet like Imelda Marcos in a shoe store. Us humans that have been on this planet for a tiny spec of time are damn arrogant to think we can change the temperature. The green people are getting very wealthy selling their snake oil. Look at Al Gore, billionaire, he must be smarter than I ever gave him credit for. See folks, all you got to do is start-up some company, lets say, “a windmill farm.” Attend a couple political fundraising events, layout your Green Plan to one of the crooks after you gave a 100 dollar donation and you’re in. If you promise more donations in the future you will be set to receive very large sums of money in federal backed loans, whether you make a profit or not. Lets look at Solyndra, they never did show a profit, yet they received half a billion dollars from you. I don’t know about you, but that kinda pisses me off a bit. Companies like GE are littering the countryside with windmills that work only part-time at best, yet they receive billions. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention the windmill transformers are made by the UAW, now, “who’s your daddy.” It’s time for the American people to wake up and put a stop to this nonsense. Please don’t get me wrong, I am for anything that will generate electricity or make my SUV run at a lower cost, but we havent found it yet without massive government subsidies.

Quote of the day:

Liberals in Congress have spent the past three decades pandering to environmental extremists. The policies they have put in place are in large part responsible for the energy crunch we are seeing today. We have not built a refinery in this country for 30 years.
Marsha Blackburn

Ford should have said “yes we can”







When the boss of General Motors told Ford to pull their brilliant ad yesterday, Ford should have said to boss Obama, “yes we can.” Never in my 50 years have I seen a sitting president, or his cronies dictate to an american company on how they can advertise.  Back in April GM and the Obama administration tried to sell us this line of crap that GM had repaid $6.7 billion in government loans. What he failed to mention, was the fact that the money to repay this loan had come from a working capital fund provided by the federal government’s TARP program. That is like me taking  a cash advancement for a 100 dollars from my boss, only using 75 dollars, returning 25 and say were even. My days at that company would be numbered. I have always been a General Motors man but since the UAW bailout, my choice in the future will be Ford. Thank You Obama!!!


Herman Cain it’s about time

Yesterday, with Herman Cain winning the Florida straw poll was a great day for the Teaparty conservatives. I think anybody would make a better President than the Totalitarian Pinko that’s in there now. Though, I do have some reservations about all the candidates on our primary ticket, except for one, Herman. This guy is solid, for one, he is the only one who is outside the confines of the political pup tent. For two, when asked a question wether it be about foreign policy or the economy he answers with authority and conviction. Not only is he a quick responder, his answers are what I like to hear from a candidate. Could you imagine for once, him and Obama in a debate? Cain would rip Obama’s communistic, wealth distributing, race baiting brain out of his big eared skull, chew it up and spit it right in Wolf Blitzers fat face. You watch, the Obama’s and their cronies will try to turn the black voters against him, whether it’s the Uncle Tom syndrome or the big evil corporate syndrome. Either way it will be a great day for America to have this fine gentleman stand up and take the oath of presidency. Let’s get behind this stallion and let him do his thing, God Bless America.

Quote of the day:

“Genius ain’t anything more than elegant common sense.”

Josh Billings

Gibson Guitar Raid part 2 of Unjust Justice

In November of 2009 and August 24, 2011 the Justice Department raided the Gibson Guitar factory with fully automatic assault rifles. Eric Holder and the Obama administration felt it was necessary to go after Gibson for what they claim was illegal harvest of a Madagascar hardwood. The Lacey Act which was enacted over a century ago and amended in 2008 to include plants and animals was the basis for this obscure raid. The Lacey act requires that the end users of endangered wood have certification of legal harvest, which Gibson has. One up on that, for Obama and the DOJ’s information, Gibson is part of a voluntary group that works with the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council). Gibson  also works diligently with the Rainforest Alliance and Greenpeace to secure FSC certified supplies. Wow, Gibson Guitar company sounds like Mother Theresa reincarnated, but hold on to your horses. Gibson led by CEO Henry Juszkiewicz also has a foundation founded in 2002, the (Gibson Foundation) that is committed to making the world a better place. The programs include supporting efforts to advance education, music and the arts, the environment and health and welfare causes. On top of all that, the wood Gibson uses is an industry standard used by every Tom, Dick and Harry guitar company in the world. So why may I ask is the DOJ going after Gibson? Could this be political revenge? No, they wouldn’t do that, (Chrysler dealerships) come to mind. Gibson gave a substantial amount of money to the RNC, while most of the other guitar companies gave to who? that’s right, the Democrats, you win the prize. Lets not forget who we are dealing with folks, this administration will go to all extremes to destroy anybody who isn’t on their side. So, watch youre backside, you may be the next target of this ruthless regime. P.S. if you here a loud knock on the door, hide.

Quote of the day:

“I hate Republicans and everything they stand for.”

Howard Dean

Unjust, Justice the Mini-Series

Part I:

The other day I was invited to a
luncheon in honor of some local, college scholarship recipients. It was suppose
to be a proud day for me and a fun time meeting other scholars that studied
hard to obtain a goal. My mood was soon changed when I started reading name
tags that displayed the foundation that granted their scholarships. Much to my
surprise only a few of us were their because of our acquired knowledge. Yes, I
am tooting my own horn a tad, but anyway. I was at this luncheon when the M.C.
started going around with the mic to here the recipient’s stories. A good
majority of the recipients got knocked-up with no daddy, awe, is that my fault?
When I mis-behaved as a young person, it
was either a good old fashion ass beating, or a, you’re on your own sucker! The
real kicker of this whole mess was when they came up to this Hispanic girl, she
said, “I was caught crossing the border and deported 5 times before I made it
in.”  Then she went on to tell us she was
19 with a five year old son. The crowd ood and awed like she was some kind of
saint that found a cure for cancer or something. The last I looked, illegal
entry was I misdemeanor, not an application for a free ride to a college. Even
I, was slightly moved by the story, but for Gods sake what the hell is she
doing crossing the border at 11 years old and getting knocked-up at 14 in a
foreign Country. If I was to steal a loaf of bread because I was starving would
I be rewarded? Hell no, I would be stocking shelves at a discount store with an
ankle bracelet on.

Stay tuned in for Part II of
the “Unjust, Justice the Mini-Series.”

Quote of the day:

“That just ain’t right!”


Obama the New Jew

The King of America just pulled another flip-flop out from under his hijab, aka Muslim robe. Standing in front of the U.N. saying he doesn’t support Palestine in their efforts to join is mind-boggling. It was just a few weeks ago that he was in support of the Palestinians. As a matter of fact, he was also encouraging the Jews to stop developement of the West Bank. Do we think the election in New York, with the Jews coming out in droves to elect a Republican had anything to do with it? No, I don’t think a fine dictator like the King could be swayed by something like that. After all he did tell the Speaker of the House to put politics aside for the good of the Country.  This is just one more incident where his passion for dissing our allies has been curbed by the possibility of losing some votes.

Quote of the day:

I seem to smell the stench of appeasement in the air.
Margaret Thatcher

Obama and His Billionaire Supporters

Obama and His Billionaire Supporters.